Fraudulent Profiles on Dating Web sites

Scam profiles can be broken down in the following way:

-45 % female profiles- created mostly by scam organizations with the single aim of financial fraud. Very few women scam independently.
-25% male profiles - created exclusively by the Nigerian scam organization with the single aim of financial fraud
-30% untrue male profiles, usually partially true and partially very misleading - created by dishonest unscrupulous men usually in order to take sexual advantage of women

How do they manage to cheat people?

Most part of the scam on the Internet is done by the 2 major scam organizations, the one in Russia, near Kazan, in the republic of Mery El and the African scam group, operating in Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Cote d'Ivore, etc. The following examples are the basis upon which most scam organizations run:

The infamous “Russian bride” scam, run by the Mery El organisation, is probably the best known and is simply done by creating lots of fake female profiles with pictures of Russian celebrities or pictures harvested from the internet and then writing to a lot of unsuspecting men. The fake profile then “falls in love” with all these men and starts asking them to send money for any of a number of reasons. If the man becomes suspicious the “lady” just disappears.

The Nigerian scam is very similar to the Russians. Obvious differences are that they will have profiles of black ladies as well as white. They also have many profiles of men. They use many different approaches and they constantly devise new ways - www.nigerianscams org An unfortunate fact is that Nigeria is known as the capital of the scam industry and the ways and means that are used are to numerous to mention.


70% - American men
28% - men from western europe or other locations
2% - women

Why American men fall victim to scam more often? - America is relatively far from Russia and Africa in both geographical and cultural sense, and that makes it a bit easier to make an american man believe that although he is 54 this young, gorgeous goddess, is falling so madly in love with him after seeing just 1 photo of him and knowing absolutely nothing about him.

Common Misconceptions about Dating Scams

1) Russian women are scammers!

This is a misconception as the profiles that are created are fictitious and could be created by anybody. These women just simply don’t exist. There are very few independent female scammers in Russia.

2) Women cheat and men are cheated!

Yes, most of the cheated victims are men, definitely, but not always - first of all there are women who get cheated by the African bouncing check scams, and secondly there are women who get cheated by dishonest men, who talk about love and romance but in reality are just cunning sex-tourists.

3) Online dating is dangerous!

On the contrary, you are safer online than in a bar because you have control of the situation and can make informed decisions. The key to safety is to use common sense and discretion and to carefully read and implement helpful anti-fraud info (like this article for example)

4) There is no way to avoid the online scam!

You can avoid being a victim of scam if you use reliable dating services as per the criteria outlined below and apply our 100% scam-proof recipe.

5) Western dating sites are less likely to have scam profiles!

This is a misconception as criminals operate wherever they see opportunity.

Types of Dating Web sites

  • 3% -Totally fraudulent websites operated by scam syndicates
  • 40% Owners knowingly tolerate and entertain the scammers to operate on the web site due to the positive activity that these profiles create on the site.
  • 20% -Owner of the site is not aware of fraudulent activity. They may even place links to anti-scam Web sites or general warning against scam, but are probably unaware of the scammers operating on their site.
  • 30% - Web sites with relatively few scammer profiles - these are usually webmasters who want to remove scam from their web site, but lack knowledge of the true origin of scam and/or technical expertise or time to do it successfully. such webmasters remove some scam profiles, for example ones that they saw posted on the anti-scam Web sites, but they do not have an efficient way of sweeping off all scam profiles from their Web sites
  • 7%-Sites where scam is non-existent or very rare. (keep in mind that independent scammers are often ingenuous and can sometimes pass even most advanced anti-scam checks). The two main categories here are sites like, that understand how scam works and do not wish to be associated with such negative karma and where advanced anti-fad filters (both automatic and manual) are used to constantly clean the web site of scam profiles. The other is . local marriage agencies where women women register in person with their ID.

Romance tours scam

Some of the dishonest dating agencies offer romance tours that promise you will meet hundreds of beautiful ladies. The easiest way to recognize bogus Romance tours are advertisements like "You Can Meet ANY Lady From This Website". Be wary of this as some of these agencies will arrange dates for you but they will be with ladies who are employed for this reason and go home to their families in the evening. How to figure out if it is worth ordering a romance tour from an agency that offers such a service?

  • Try out and study the website and see if it seems reliable keeping in mind the scam symptoms described previously in this article.
  • Make sure that you will be meeting many women and women that you like - there is no point of ordering a tour and paying hundreds or thousands of euros/dollars and meeting 3 ladies only.
  • Carefully consider your payment options and make sure that your money is refundable.

100% scam free recipe

1) If somebody whom you met on a dating websites asks you for money SIMPLY DO NOT SEND THEM FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. Immediately report to the website support where you met the person - THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP THAT MOST PEOPLE EASILY FORGET. If the website support shows little or no concern about that fact then contact the support - gathering such data is very valuble and will help us fight scam on a larger scale.

2) After you meet a lady and all seems fine. If you do not use your common sense you may end up getting ripped of for thousands of $ under many different pretexts: she wants gifts, she wants jewelry, she needs money for a new house, she may even get engaged to you just to cheat you out of money! Be aware!

3) If after reading this article carefully you are still not sure if you are in touch with a scammer then just send your full story and details to the support team. This offer is free for all, even for people you found for correspondence on websites other than

4) Keep in mind that writing to ladies more than 16 or 17 years younger than yourself is usually just a waste of time, but doing it on websites that are not scam free is also an easy way to invite trouble.

5) Although there are scam-free dating websites, never forget it is mainly you who has to be alert and use common sense and discrimination in order to stay away from scam. BESURE THAT YOU TALK FEW TIMES ON CHAT WITH WEBCAM BEFORE YOU VISIT THE LADY - EXCUSES ABOUT NOT BEING ABLE TO COME ONLINE WITH A WEBCAM FROM BULGARIAN LADIES ARE A LIE.

Scam Organizations

The 2 major scam organizations on internet are the "Russian Women"scam. The most obvious proof of it that most of the scam profiles of so called Russian women are manufactured from locations with IP addresses in certain common areas. Other distinct feature is that they often use standard templates for the profiles they create, like the texts of the profiles - they all have the very same weird phrases like To me of 25 years . Another distinct feature is that once they figure out that a particular website starts fitering them by IP they immediately start trying to hide their actual IP addresses, obviously they have a "tech department", but once they start corresponding with a man outside the internal mail system of a dating site then men who actually check the original IP of the emails find out that although they are supposed to be corresponding with a lady from Moscow, Kirov, Vladivostok or anywhere else, the actual IP address belongs to Mari El (the capital city is Yoshkar Ola, or Yoshka). Sometimes the full correspondence prior to last email of actual scaming and asking for money is from a different IP, but when it comes to taking actual money then most of the victims of the so called "russian women" scam can be traced to locations of Mari El. That is definite proof that it is all organized crime. These are not conclusions of the team, a number of other sincere dating webmasters have reached the very same conclusion.

The Ukranian place for scam is Lugansk. They specialize in translation scams as well.

The Nigerian scam gang can also be very easily traced in the same way - all profiles created from similar IP addresses, using photos of celebrities for the fake profiles, similar profile texts, etc

Bulgarian scam

We are sad to add this new section to our antiscam information. The Bulgarian scam group actually consentrated mostly on trial to create numerous profiles on sesile as sesile is only Bulgarian dating service where women can contact many western men for free. The rest of the Bulgarian dating agencies either try to charge women or have just few dozens of real active western men profiles. By the way if you ever decide to pay to any Bulgarian marriage agency we strongly advice you to contact their support before paying and ask if the women car actually red your messages for free - if they are honest they will tell you that actually after payment you can contact only women that have paid... which is almost 0 (zero). So ... back to the scam group... they are located IN THE NORTHER PART OF BULGARIA WITH "HEADQUARTERS" IN ROUSSE (also spelled like Ruse, Rouse, Rose), however there are members all the way from Sofia to Varna... in addition we have found out that it a group of women of turkish ethnicity and they speak turkish. They get friendly with a man and after some time find some reason to ask money for him - to get airline ticket, passport, ID card or any other sort of lie. We have heard of 2 cases of men being contacted by Bulgarian women on other websites that were wickedly robbed by women after arrival in Bulgaria, but we are not sure if it is by members of the group. One of the cases was by elderly woman in Varna who spent her live working as "woman for hire by the hour" abroad and now returned to the country where she was born and tries to scam men on internet. She is a criminal individual and we advice caution. Ok, here is the surprise: WESTERN MEN ARE SUPPORTING THIS TYPE OF SCAM!!! HOW? - of course the admin of sesile deletes numerous scam profiles every day made by this scam organization as they create them. But in rare cases it is possible that we do not notice the scam right away. It is possible that criminal women ask for money on sesile before we catch them or they ask for money outside the mailing system of sesile on chat or private email. MEN SIMPLY DO NOT REPORT IT! THEY IGNORE OUR REPEATED BEGGING TO REPORT SUCH LADIES. THE REPORT RATE IS SOMEWHERE NEAR 1% OR SO. WE CONDUCT SURVEYS AND WE ALSO GET THE FACTS THERE: ONLY HALF OF THE MEN WHO DECIDE TO PAY TO SESILE.COM DO READ THIS ARTICLE ALTHOUGH WE REPEATEDLY WARN THEM THAT IT IS A MUST. We really appreciate that you did read this article and if you reached this reading you qualify for a completely free trial. Please create a photo profile today and send at least 20 messages as free member to ladies that you like, after that send a message to quoting this sentence and you will receive your free trial link. Thank you